Wife of Disgraced GOP Lawmaker to Run to Replace Him After Suicide December 15, 2017

Wife of Disgraced GOP Lawmaker to Run to Replace Him After Suicide

Dan Johnson was an obscure pastor and Republican lawmaker in Kentucky, locally known for his fantastic (almost unbelievable) stories of heroism, but now he is famous worldwide as the man who took his own life in the wage of child sex assault allegations.


His wife thinks he was the victim, and she wants to run to replace him in the legislature.

We reported on Johnson’s apparent suicide yesterday after reviewing the massive amount of evidence compiled against him by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting. The group compiled its report over the course of seven months, interviewing countless people who knew Johnson and reviewing public files and police records, but his wife thinks it’s all fake news and she wants to continue his legacy as a lawmaker in Kentucky.

Johnson’s wife, Rebecca Johnson, said her husband was the victim of a “high-tech lynching” and announced she would run to replace him in the Legislature.

Rebecca Johnson apparently isn’t fazed by the claims of Maranda Richmond, who said she was just 17 when she woke up to Johnson groping her sexually and penetrating her with his finger. Richmond was a friend of Johnson’s daughter and a member of his church.

There is a huge chunk of the conservative population that — like his wife –- blames the media and social media for his death. Dan Johnson had furiously denied the allegations, but considering the number of demonstrable lies he has told about his life, that doesn’t mean much. And his suicide, which came two days after the report was released, tells a story of guilt and fear of consequences.

Before the report was released, we knew enough about Dan Johnson to know that he was a bad politician to represent Americans. He openly spouted racist and anti-Islamic nonsense on social media, even comparing the Obama family to monkeys, and promoted hate and division from the pulpit. There is no reason to expect Rebecca Johnson would be any better, and for that reason, she shouldn’t be chosen to replace him.

I mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: Dan Johnson’s suicide isn’t something to celebrate. He escaped the prison time he would likely have served if the police were able to conduct their investigation and is now being hailed as a hero and martyr by many. That false narrative shouldn’t propel his wife into his seat. The last thing we need in any position of power is another person like Dan Johnson.

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