Watch This Awkward Conversation About Racism Between Two Bigoted Christians December 15, 2017

Watch This Awkward Conversation About Racism Between Two Bigoted Christians

You all know Jesse Lee Peterson. He’s the (black) conservative radio host best known for blaming black people when bad things happen while also celebrating “white power.”

You also know Steven Anderson, the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist preacher who thinks gay people deserve death and women belong in the home.

I’ve criticized Anderson for several years now — always for good reason — but none of those reasons ever involved racism. Of all the harmful, irrational beliefs coming out of his mouth, I’ve never heard him suggest that white people are better than everyone else. So when the two of them got together for an interview (posted online yesterday) in which Peterson asked questions of Anderson, it was both amusing and disturbing to watch Anderson squirm while Peterson made awkward racist comments.

The setup here is that Steven Anderson just explained that he has nine kids with another on the way.

PETERSON:… That’s amazing! So you’re, like, making babies and preaching, huh? [Laughs]

ANDERSON: [Laughs] Yeah, I mean, that sounds like the title of my life story, maybe.

PETERSON: Yeah! I like the fact that you’re making babies. We need more white babies. [Laughs]

ANDERSON: [Awkward laugh] Yeah, I’m one of the few white people that’s cranking out babies.

PETERSON: Right! Have you noticed that white people, especially white women, are having abortions now? They’re not having babies anymore. Have you been aware — are you aware of that?

ANDERSON: Oh yeah. Like especially if you look at Europe.


ANDERSON: The birth rates in Europe are, like, 0.9 or something like that.

PETERSON: But white people hate it. They are under attack around the world, and if they don’t have babies to keep things going, eventually they’ll become… the minority. Then it’s over for white people.

ANDERSON: Yeah, I mean, to me, that… that’s not really a thing to me because I don’t really identify myself as part of, like, “white people.” I see myself as a Christian. I don’t really care about the plight of “white people” because, you know, I have more in common with somebody based on belief in Christ than I do based on, “Hey, I’m white, you’re white.” You know, that doesn’t really…

PETERSON: But you do know that white people are hated by colored people, right? Minority people? You are aware of that, right?

ANDERSON: Well, I’ve definitely had people hate me and call me names just for being white.


And then they moved on to a discussion about how women belong in the home because it’s their “natural role.” You know, common ground.

They also discussed why gay people are reprobates who will burn in hell, why they don’t really want to be gay, and how Anderson would never have a gay child because he’s raising them properly.

There was also a spirited debate over whether thinking about another woman (who’s not your wife) is deserving of death. Because that’s a normal conversation.

Oh god, why did I listen to that whole thing? My head hurts.

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