Jesse Lee Peterson: Doug Jones Won Because Black People “Do Not Believe in God” December 14, 2017

Jesse Lee Peterson: Doug Jones Won Because Black People “Do Not Believe in God”

Conservative radio host Jesse Lee Peterson is appalled that so many of his fellow African-Americans voted for Doug Jones over alleged child molester Roy Moore.

On his radio show yesterday, he said there was only one explanation for it: Black people are atheists.


“They do not believe in God,” Peterson said. “They do not. If they believed in God, they would have clear minds, they would have sound minds, they would have godly values that guides them.”

“There is no way that you can be a son or daughter of God and a Christian and support anyone who represents the Democratic platform or the Democratic party,” he added. “That’s a reality … How can you be of good, of God, of truth, of love and vote for a man such as Doug Jones or even Barack Hussein Obama?”

If you believe in God, he’s saying, you should’ve voted for the man hit with credible allegations of child molestation and hitting on underage girls instead of the Democrat who also happens to be Christian.


As much as I’d love to believe a bloc of atheist voters put Doug Jones over the top, that’s just not the case. Black people (women, especially) overwhelmingly voted for Jones and they’re usually very religious.

Many black people are evangelical Christians, too, which is why demographers routinely separate them from “white evangelicals” in surveys. Black and white evangelicals have very different ideas of what makes someone a “good” Christian.

White evangelicals (and Jesse Lee Peterson) care more about people who don’t exist than living people who suffer from the awful policies they routinely advocate.

Black evangelicals care more about you. That’s why they voted for a man who will help people instead of one who takes advantage of them before hiding under the cloak of his faith.

Peterson thinks the Democratic Party is full of godless people. I wish that were true. It’s not. Democrats are almost as religious as Republicans. The difference is that Blue Christians know they can’t get votes simply by saying they’re Christians. Their actions matter more.

The people who supported Jones saw his actions. Many religious black voters saw someone who actually lives out his faith. And they sure as hell didn’t want to support a man like Roy Moore who calls himself a Christian but acts like a monster.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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