Michael Brown: There Are “Pragmatic and Moral Reasons” to Vote for Roy Moore December 12, 2017

Michael Brown: There Are “Pragmatic and Moral Reasons” to Vote for Roy Moore

Dr. Michael Brown, a conservative Christian commentator, enjoys painting himself as a reasonable man who weighs all sides of an issue before making up his mind… even though he always seems to land exactly where you’d expect him to.

So when it comes to Alabama’s Roy Moore, who has numerous allegations of inappropriate conduct on top of child molestation, what should a devout Christian do? Brown says they must take the “pragmatic and moral” road… which is to vote for Moore no matter what.

He acknowledges how it would be awful if the charges were accurate and Moore were elected, but in his bizarre Pascal’s Wager knockoff, he claims there are only two options: Christians can believe the allegations and not vote for Moore, which would be a horrible mistake if the allegations turned out to be false… or they can support Moore and then hope that a court will convict him down the line if those allegations are true.

That’s his out: That a judge will decide whether or not these allegations are legitimate.

… I say if you were planning to vote for [Moore], vote for him. By all means. Once he gets elected, I am sure that the court of public opinion will push these allegations forward. I feel quite sure about it. And then he and they get their day in court. If he’s guilty, then he’s gonna have to step down, because he lied, and it’s gonna be ugly. He’s gonna have to step down. And then we have a proper election, plenty of time, you have your Democrat candidate, your Republican candidate, and people get to vote in Alabama.

If he’s not guilty, then what was a really ugly political hit job ended up not stopping him from being elected. So that’s my pragmatic advice…

Let’s just put that fantasy to rest right away. Even if a judge said Moore was guilty of everything, does anybody really think Christians would believe it? No. They would claim it’s persecution.

And beyond that, no court will ever hear these issues. The Washington Post explained why in their initial explosive article about the allegations.

In Alabama, the statute of limitations for bringing felony charges involving sexual abuse of a minor in 1979 would have run out three years later, and the time frame for filing a civil complaint would have ended when the alleged victim turned 21, according to Child USA, a nonprofit research and advocacy group at the University of Pennsylvania.

Beyond that, a yearbook signature, an anecdote about calling a teenage girl out of her high school trig class to ask her out, and comments about how Moore was kicked out of a mall for being too damn creepy won’t ever go in front of a judge because those things aren’t illegal.

So Brown just created a situation that allows people to vote for Moore with a clear conscience even if they believe there’s truth to the allegations. That’s one way to throw Moore’s victims under the bus. Credible accusations of sexual misconduct against Donald Trump went away after his election and not because they were discredited. It’s because people like Trump and Moore don’t give a damn about lying and denying when they’re accused of harassment by multiple women — and Republicans are happy to sweep everything under the rug so they can pursue their radical agenda with no one getting in their way.

For some reason, Brown didn’t mention any of that.

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