Christian Activist: Secular Liberals Are Mad That Trump Says “Merry Christmas” December 12, 2017

Christian Activist: Secular Liberals Are Mad That Trump Says “Merry Christmas”

Of all the things Donald Trump has done over the past year, does anyone actually give a damn if he says “Merry Christmas”? I sure as hell didn’t care when President Obama did it over and over, and I’m not bothered by it now. His repeated claims that he’s bringing Christmas back are just another way to distract evangelical Christians from all the awful things he’s actually doing with their uncritical support.

But according to Family Research Council executive vice president Jerry Boykin, in an email sent to supporters yesterday, it’s the “Merry Christmas” thing that’s bothering atheists.


This Christmas, President Trump is further separating himself from the left-wing legacy of Barack Obama, who famously wanted a “non-religious” Christmas.

The Trumps are highlighting a larger-than-life nativity scene and displaying a wealth of beautiful decorations celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

They are wishing Americans a “Merry Christmas” in the White House, on social media, and even on their beautiful Christmas cards.

While the White House may be celebrating Christmas, secularist liberals around the nation are upset that our president is honoring this blessed time of year. They are more determined than ever to strip away our rights to celebrate our faith — and the true meaning of our most treasured and joyous holidays — in the public square.

As a “secularist liberal,” saying “Merry Christmas” is nowhere near the top of the list of things I’m worried about. Even when it comes to religious liberty, the Johnson Amendment repeal, legalized discrimination by business owners courtesy of the Supreme Court, the irrational move of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, and Trump’s constant support from white evangelical Christians are far more troubling since they have real-world consequences.

For what it’s worth, Obama said “Merry Christmas” all the time no matter how many times Trump tries to deny it. And just yesterday, Ivanka Trump wished everyone “Happy Holidays” on Twitter.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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