Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore: “We Do Not Need Transgender in the Military” December 10, 2017

Alleged Child Molester Roy Moore: “We Do Not Need Transgender in the Military”

Roy Moore, the embattled Republican Senate candidate who has been accused of sexual misconduct with girls as young as 14, is deflecting from his personal problems and claiming the moral high ground by attacking transgender people.


Moore, speaking at a rally in a dirt-floor barn in Alabama, chose to attack transgender people who serve in the military instead of addressing credible allegations against him (or even praising the Americans for their service). He was joined by Steve Bannon, Breitbart editor and former chief advisor to Donald Trump.

Moore didn’t address the allegations directly on Tuesday night. Instead, he cast himself as a political outsider fighting the establishment in both parties, just like Trump did one year ago. He also reminded Alabama voters of his focus on Christian conservative values.

“I know we do not need transgender in our military,” Moore said. “If I’m in a foxhole, I don’t want to know whether this guy next to me is wondering if he’s a woman or a man.”

Yep, you read that right. Moore thinks the gender identification of a soldier — as if they’re ever debating what gender to be, much less doing it while in the middle of a battle — is more important than the substantial issues with his own character and ethics. Personally, I wouldn’t want to be in a foxhole with someone who ogles and inappropriately touches underage girls, but maybe that’s just me.

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) doesn’t see things the same way as Moore, either. In response to the anti-trans quote, Booker tweeted that his concern is with young people who work in the Senate Page program and would be subject to Moore — and possibly his inappropriate behavior — if he were elected.

I’m with him. Do we really need a senator who will add more fuel to this ever-worsening fire?

Fortunately, voters in Alabama have another choice in Tuesday’s special election: Doug Jones. Jones hasn’t aligned with forces like Bannon, used his religion to justify bigotry, and hasn’t spent this election spreading division and hatred against the LGBT community. Instead, he has focused on “kitchen table” issues like jobs and housing.

We’ll find out in a couple of days if the voters in Alabama care about issues that affect them directly or use their power to promote religious bigotry and sexual abuse.

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