If the GOP Really Cared About Jesus, They Wouldn’t Be Screwing Over the Poor December 9, 2017

If the GOP Really Cared About Jesus, They Wouldn’t Be Screwing Over the Poor

There are many definitions floating around about what it means to be a True Christian™, but the official litmus test, according to activist Shea Watts, is whether followers of Jesus stand up for the poor.


In the era of Donald Trump, Watt’s article is an important reminder for conservatives to remember the teachings of their savior:

The coopting of Christianity by the GOP for their own well-being at other’s expense is anti-Christ, that is, against the very heart of what Jesus taught and did. All the while, many of the GOP constituency “confess” to be Christian. In this sense, Christianity is like another pledge of allegiance among others. Such allegiances are on display in many places, as is evidenced by people pledging allegiance to the American flag, the Christian flag, and for those of us that spent some time in Christian school, the Bible. At the same time, there is no dissonance in being a Christian and supporting an administration that seeks to harm the most vulnerable in our society. And that is a problem.

Christians love to say that their brethren will be “known by their fruit” — that is, their compassion and charity toward others are supposed to be evidence of their faith.

But the GOP’s proposed tax cut for private jet owners that will screw over the middle class is evidence that they have more allegiance to Caesar than Jesus:

This tax overhaul is just one example of the many ways that the current administration wants to oppress and exploit the most vulnerable in our society. The question remains: Are Christians willing to stand with the poor, even when it costs them? Or will they condemn Jesus to the cross of oppressive policies on a hill called Capitol?

The Christian Right seems to forget that Jesus embodied everything they campaign against. Jesus was the child of dirt-broke refugees. His poor family received “handouts” from the Wise Men who attended to His parents after His birth. In all likelihood, if Jesus were to return today, the Middle Eastern native would be denounced as a bleeding heart liberal and put on a deportation list.

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