Roy Moore’s Spokeswoman Won’t Say If Roy Moore Still Agrees With Roy Moore December 7, 2017

Roy Moore’s Spokeswoman Won’t Say If Roy Moore Still Agrees With Roy Moore

Here’s the problem with Roy Moore putting anti-abortion activist Janet Porter in front of the media as his spokesperson: She doesn’t know anything about his positions or his past. She doesn’t know what he believes about any number of issues. She doesn’t know what he’s thinking now.

All she knows is that abortion is bad, Christians are good, and anyone trying to get in the way of Roy Moore becoming senator is God’s Enemy.

Which made this interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper both jaw-dropping and a perfect representation of why Moore has no business going to D.C.

After discussing the child molestation allegations against Moore, which Porter chalked up to a conspiracy cooked up by the Washington Post and then perpetuated by every liberal group she could think of, Cooper asked her some basic questions about Moore’s previous statements. Did he still believe, for example, that homosexual conduct should be illegal? That 9/11 happened because we’ve “distanced ourselves from God”? That Sharia Law has taken over some communities in the U.S.?

Porter either didn’t know the answers, didn’t want to answer the questions, or had no knowledge of how to pivot to a different conversation. The answer to everything seemed to be that Democrat Doug Jones supported abortion rights, and Porter came off looking as kooky as Moore himself. Start watching this around the 8:13 mark.

If Porter was hired to be Moore’s mouthpiece, then both of them need to be out of a job. Cooper asked her whether Moore agreed with his previous statements and she couldn’t give an answer to anything. But I doubt it’s because the statements are new to her. It’s more like she believes them, too, but knows that saying yes would create another firestorm, so it’s easier to try and denounce his Christian opponent for not loving God properly.

Roy Moore may love the Constitution as much as he does underage girls, but he sure as hell doesn’t know how to follow it or interpret it. He doesn’t give a damn about it because he thinks we ought to be ruled by his interpretation of the Bible.

There are no doubt voters in Alabama who love that. They see Porter as someone fighting the “liberal media” instead of what she really is: An ignorant buffoon cloaked in Christianity who sees even a simple interview as an existential threat against her God.

But everyone else in Alabama could put a stop to it if they’re smart enough to vote for Doug Jones on Tuesday — and encourage everyone they know in the state to do the same. Sitting on the sidelines means having to put up with more of this Christian bullshit that many churchgoers are too chicken to call out or go against. Don’t let them win.

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