Christian Right Lawyer Spreads Lie That Jay-Z “Belongs to the Church of Satan” December 7, 2017

Christian Right Lawyer Spreads Lie That Jay-Z “Belongs to the Church of Satan”

Did you know Jay-Z was a Satanist? You shouldn’t, because that’s not true. But little details like that have never mattered to Christian Right activist Mat Staver, who perpetuated a hoax article this morning on his “Faith and Freedom” radio program.


Claiming that Jay-Z has “been a satanic follower for some time,” Staver asserted that “he belongs to the Church of Satan, he is a follower of Anton LaVey — Anton LaVey was a person who was a satanist — and for a while he kind of went a little quite.”

“But not long ago,” Staver continued, “he spoke to a group of people where he was having his event and came out and blasted Jesus Christ, saying that Jesus is fake news and he said that Lucifer is the way of truth and life. This is Jay-Z claiming that Jesus never walked on this earth. He went on to this rant talking about how if you follow Satan, that is where the real power is. He says there is real spirituality and guidance in the Church of Satan that you don’t get in Christianity. You know, these are individuals who are having an influence on our young people.”

All of that, of course, is a lie. We would’ve known that by the simple fact that those words are coming out of Staver’s mouth, but a few seconds of Googling would’ve worked, too.

Not that Staver cares. Anything that perpetuates conservative Christianity, even when it’s a lie, is fair game because the people who take him seriously are too gullible to know the difference between fact and fiction.

(via Right Wing Watch. Screenshot via YouTube)

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