Why Did It Take Two Days for an AL Church to Change Its “Vote Roy Moore” Sign? December 6, 2017

Why Did It Take Two Days for an AL Church to Change Its “Vote Roy Moore” Sign?

Someone at the IRS may want to look at Living Way Ministries Church in Opelika, Alabama because the sign outside literally told people to vote for alleged child molester Roy Moore in next week’s special election for U.S. Senate.


They falsely accused Jesus! Vote Roy Moore.

Church officials don’t deny that the sign is real. But they told reporters that it was a rogue agent who wrote that, and the pastor of the church told him to take it down two days later.

The person told us there are several people with keys to the sign and one of the individuals, who was not the pastor, posted the political message. Two days later, she says the pastor requested for it to be removed.

Why did it take two days? Should we assume the pastor knew about the sign, saw nothing wrong with it, and only made the request after the backlash grew more intense? What’s wrong with everyone else at the church that they didn’t make a bigger deal of the sign the moment it went up?

Did the person with keys to the sign have those keys revoked?

Did the pastor apologize for the message and the absolute dismissal of the victims’ stories?

Either way, the sign was a clear violation of IRS rules preventing churches and other non-profits from endorsing candidates for political office. It’s the same rule Donald Trump and fellow Republicans are trying to repeal through the current tax scam bill.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation told Snopes.com that they had alerted the IRS to the problem. But given the agency’s inaction on these matters, it’s hard to believe the church’s tax exemption will be revoked.

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