Teacher Reported 6-Year-Old Muslim Special Needs Student as Terrorist December 6, 2017

Teacher Reported 6-Year-Old Muslim Special Needs Student as Terrorist

A substitute teacher in Texas reportedly called local police to report that a six-year-old student with Down Syndrome was a possible terrorist.

The teacher called the police department in Pearland, Texas and claimed the young special needs boy was saying “Allah” and “boom.” That wouldn’t have been cause to involve the police even if it were true, but young Mohammad, who has intellectual difficulties, can’t speak at all and “needs care all the time,” according to his father Maher Suleiman.


“It’s not true, he doesn’t speak at all,” said Maher…

“She claimed he was a terrorist,” said Maher. “This is so stupid, it’s discrimination.”

The teacher’s accusation spurred an investigation by law enforcement officers as well as Child Protective Services. The cops ultimately concluded that there was no need for police involvement, but the CPS investigation remains open, and the father says it’s been hard on the family.

“The last three to four weeks have been the hardest of my life,” said Maher. “My wife and kids were crying a few days ago and I told them everything is fine.”

This substitute teacher knew nothing about the student, yet felt comfortable bringing in the police to investigate a possible terrorist plot. The child can’t speak or care for himself, yet this teacher was scared a six-year-old would carry out an attack that would put lives in danger.

This teacher probably traumatized the student — and definitely made life Hell for him and his family — all because the kid was a “Muslim.”

(I use quotation marks because I’m generally not in favor of referring to young children as adherents of anyreligion, especially when they have cognitive impairments that keep them from fully understanding what that entails. But this is unique circumstance — a clear example of profiling based on religion and/or skin color.)

To put it another way, because the student’s name was Mohammad, and because he came from a Muslim family, the innocent child was reported as a terrorist.

This is what unjust hatred for Muslims can lead to — a society based on irrational fear where even special needs children are seen as a threat. If you want to criticize Islamic doctrine, please, be my guest, but when you spread hate and fear of anyone with that belief system you become part of the problem.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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