Rick Wiles: Sex Scandals Are the Fault of People “Acting Like Godless Heathens” November 28, 2017

Rick Wiles: Sex Scandals Are the Fault of People “Acting Like Godless Heathens”

Right-wing conspiracy theorist Rick Wiles said on his show last night that all the sexual harassment and assault charges we’re reading about in the news the result of our society turning more godless.

I guess he’s never heard of Roy Moore.

“The left has viciously waged a war against Christianity in America for over 50 years,” he said. “You, the left, you demanded that children not read the Bible in schools. You demanded that nobody in public schools pray to Jesus Christ. You, the left, you demanded the removal of the Christian cross and Ten Commandments from public buildings and town squares and city parks. You, the left, you demanded a godless secular society, void of biblical morality.”

“You arrogantly mocked on television God-fearing Christians, the Holy Bible and morality,” Wiles said. “You demanded a godless society. Well, you got it. All these allegations of sexual misconduct are the byproduct of your godless society. You ripped out of America’s heart her affections for God and His Holy Bible. Why are you now indignant that people are acting like godless heathens?”

When the premise is so wrong, it’s no surprise his conclusion is as well. Atheists never demanded children don’t read the Bible in school; they wanted forced Bible readings to end. They didn’t demand nobody pray; they wanted forced prayers to end. They’re not demanding the outright removal of Ten Commandment monuments as long as local governments allow all other non-Christian monuments, too.

And godless societies are often the happiest, most well-educated, low-crime, healthiest places on Earth. We’re doing just fine without the infestation of biblical morality like the kind exhibited by [insert scandal-plagued Christian here].

If sexual misconduct was the byproduct of a godless society, then churches and heavily religious communities ought to be the most scandal-free places in America. They’re not. They’re as bad as, if not worse than, everybody else.

The difference is that I see a hell of a lot of atheists (and liberals in general) condemning harassment and assault. Conservative Christians, on the other hand, continue supporting people like Moore despite credible allegations of pedophilia.

I guess that’s just the biblical morality talking.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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