Atheism “Continues to Rob Our Children,” Writes Angry Man to Newspaper November 24, 2017

Atheism “Continues to Rob Our Children,” Writes Angry Man to Newspaper

Today’s episode of “Ignorant People Writing Letters to Newspapers” features Roy Schimelpfenig, who wants the readers of The Columbian (in Vancouver, Washington) to know that atheism “continues to rob our children.”


… Did you know many of our country’s founders were either Christian or believed Christianity was a firm foundation for our beginning? One-third of their writings dealt with Jesus as a moral basis for our country and hence, God’s support.

I doubt we can find these articles in our public schools. Atheism continues to rob our children of their founded values with the help of many politicians. How can we trust politicians without Christ in their hearts? These people continue to separate us from either our country or our God. We can’t have both, they say.

Let’s take our country back from the Godless before our Lord’s patience is exhausted…

First of all, given that more than 90% of Congress is Christian, who exactly does Schimelpfenig want to take his country back from? There’s literally one guy on Capitol Hill who’s openly non-religious. It’s not a fair fight.

Schimelpfenig asks “How can we trust politicians without Christ in their hearts?” But how can we trust people who wear their faith on their sleeve? Donald Trump does it, albeit insincerely, and he’s a disaster. Roy Moore has done it his entire career, and he’s an accused child molester. The people who constantly remind you of how Christian they are tend to be the people who push for policies that make lives worse for so many Americans.

The Party of God isn’t the one that made sure children have access to health care, but the GOP majority sat there while the Children’s Health Insurance Program expired last month.

We’d be a lucky nation if more politicians acted like Jesus instead of using His name to win over voters unable to see beyond a faith label.

Instead, we’re stuck with a nation full of people like Schimelpfenig, who think a non-Christian label is disqualifying no matter your stances on the issues, but professing Christianity means you can do no wrong.

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