Man Says He May Kill His 12-Year-Old Demon-Possessed Son November 21, 2017

Man Says He May Kill His 12-Year-Old Demon-Possessed Son

A man told Dr. Phil on his show yesterday that he might have to kill his own child to protect his wife. His 12-year-old son, Jack, has exhibited traits of “demon possession” since he was two and needed an exorcism, according to the father John.

John, a Christian, went on to say that the demon controlled his son and told him to kill people in the family.

He says he’s so concerned, he has plans for Jack to have an exorcism because he fears that if he doesn’t, one day, he may have to kill his son to protect his wife and children.

I don’t know about you, but this is never a thought that would cross my mind. I would protect my child at all costs, but I guess that’s just what false beliefs do to people. It’s much easier to kill your son if you think he’s an evil devil creature.

Fortunately, Dr. Phil didn’t allow John’s baseless assertion to go unchallenged. He questioned how he could know that Jack is possessed by demons and followed up several times.

“Tell me how you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s demonic possession,” Dr. Phil says to John on Monday’s episode.

“At 2 ½-years old, he began exhibiting traits,” John says. “There was the stacking glass around his mother’s neck, point side up, and if she would’ve turned — I mean, I caught him in the middle of it. I felt the energy shift, and I woke up.”

“But how is that behavior demonic? “Dr. Phil presses.

It turned out most of the behavior John thought was caused by the devil was pretty typical. The young boy did stack glass around his mother’s neck, and when asked why he did it, he said he was “making mommy pretty.” That’s… normal. Not demonic.

Here are some other reasons John said his son was possessed:


Eyes glazed over, filmy look

Reading Bible stirs up spirit

Demon tells him to kill family

Deer head fell off wall

Felt presence of demon spirit in bedroom

No respect for authority

Again, most of this seems pretty normal. John said his hair stood on end when entering Jack’s room and cited that as evidence of Satan’s presence, but it’s a pretty common fear response regardless of whether there is an external stimulus. Our brain does that on its own. It’s not supernatural.

Luckily, the child’s mom (and John’s ex-wife) agrees with the side of reason. She said she would do anything to prevent the exorcism for her son, who says he’s mentally ill.

John’s ex-wife Jen says there is no way on earth she is going to let their son go through an exorcism because he is not possessed and says her out-of-control son is mentally ill. Jen claims the main issue is John, who she says uses harsh means, including spankings, to discipline their child.

I couldn’t have said it better myself: the main issue is John. Jack needs to be protected from his father. For his sake, let’s hope this episode of Dr. Phil is used as evidence against John’s visitation rights.

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