Breitbart Guest: Liberals Always Say “Love is Love,” So Lay Off Roy Moore November 21, 2017

Breitbart Guest: Liberals Always Say “Love is Love,” So Lay Off Roy Moore

In the last couple weeks we’ve heard a lot of really bad defenses of Roy Moore, who has been shown to exhibit a pattern of “courtship” with underage girls, including allegations of molestation. Some evangelical Christians have done everything they can to excuse his behavior, including bringing up the age of Mary when she married Joseph and raised Jesus. But this one takes the cake.


Dan Gainor, a right-wing commentator and vice president of business and culture at the (conservative) Media Research Center, attempted to flip the liberal idea that people ought to be able to love whomever they want, something we often say when promoting LGBTQ rights. The problem here, of course, is that Gainor lacks any understanding of consent.

Speaking on Breitbart radio (of course), Gainor interpreted the “love is love” phrase to mean “anything goes.”

And if the left — the left is the one — they’ve been saying “love is love” for years, which means anything goes between — at least one hopes — consenting legal people. So that immediately means the Post larded up their story with allegations from people who were of legal age to undercut him to basically make it seem like the other case is more credible. Well, which is it? Is it “love is love,” in which case you’re not going to go around reporting anything that crazy liberals do, you won’t show us how bad the gay pride parade is in San Francisco, et cetera. Or are you really going to say anybody who dates somebody who’s 16, even if it’s legal, they’re a creep —

Let’s give Gainor the benefit of the doubt for a moment and talk about what he’s trying to say. It’s true that consensual adults can do as they please with their sex lives if they don’t hurt anyone else, but the fact is that Moore hasn’t just been accused of sex with legal-age girls. He has been shown to have a pattern of pursuing young children, including a fourteen-year-old, when he was in his 30s. This is where the argument falls apart.

When Gainor said that anything goes as long as they are hopefully consenting, he loses the argument. The consent must be there, and a child can’t legally provide that. That’s why Moore’s inappropriate behavior, which is supported by an increasing pile of allegations, isn’t at all comparable to a gay pride parade, to use Gainor’s example. He might find these people disgusting, but that’s more about his own hang-ups than it is about them.

Christians like Gainor should stop bending over backwards to defend a man who doesn’t uphold any of their stated Biblical principles just because he also shares their political beliefs. That’s not how politics should work. We can’t keep putting division before justice.

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