Pastor Supporting Roy Moore: His Accusers Must Be Getting Paid “a Healthy Sum” November 20, 2017

Pastor Supporting Roy Moore: His Accusers Must Be Getting Paid “a Healthy Sum”

This interview with a pastor who defends Roy Moore is incredible because of the lengths he goes to to dismiss all the pedophilia allegations against the Senate candidate.


The Boston Globe‘s Astead W. Herndon called up dozens of pastors in the state who supported Moore earlier in his candidacy to find out if they stood by his side now.

One pastor wasn’t going anywhere:

“I don’t know how much these women are getting paid, but I can only believe they’re getting a healthy sum,” said pastor Earl Wise, a Moore supporter from Millbrook, Ala.

Wise said he would support Moore even if the allegations were true and the candidate was proved to have sexually molested teenage girls and women.

“There ought to be a statute of limitations on this stuff,” Wise said. “How these gals came up with this, I don’t know. They must have had some sweet dreams somewhere down the line.

“Plus,” he added, “there are some 14-year-olds, who, the way they look, could pass for 20.”

Not that it matters if a 14-year-old passes for 20, since that would still be illegal, but people have said Moore creepily hung around malls and called them at their high school. He knew damn well what their ages were.

The accusers haven’t received payments. That’s not how legitimate news organizations work. Not healthy sums. Not even paltry sums. No sums. And while it’s not exactly news for a pastor whose entire religion revolves around accepting absurd stories on nothing more than faith to believe another lie, it’s stunning how much evidence he’s rejecting offhand in order to make himself feel better about supporting an indefensible candidate.

There are no doubt evangelicals, even white evangelicals, who will not vote for Moore anymore. But the fact that we can find so many Christians — pastors, even — willing to support a man they believe is the victim of persecution instead of the perpetrator of abuse is disturbing. I wish I could say it’s the nail in the coffin for evangelical Christianity and their status as moral authorities, but we all know it’s only going to get worse.

They overwhelmingly supported a president who bragged about assaulting women. They support his ignorant, evidence-free policies that would hurt millions of Americans. They by and large support a Senate candidate who has no business in public office. And they continue to pretend they’re the voices of reason in all this.

(via Political Wire)

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