Dad Who Let His Child Die of Meningitis is Playing the Victim November 20, 2017

Dad Who Let His Child Die of Meningitis is Playing the Victim

David Stephan, the anti-vax father who let his child die of meningitis after treating him with maple syrup and garlic instead of using the available vaccine that could have helped, is now playing the victim on Facebook.


Stephan, who received four months in jail for negligent child care leading to his son’s death, lashed out against the judges and prosecutors in the case, as if it’s their fault he let his son die. He completely left out the role that he had, as well as the part his wife, Collet Stephan, played. She received three months on house arrest for the crime.

Stephan also condemned the entire justice system. He wrote his post just after the Alberta Court of Appeal upheld his conviction.

I have come to the realize that within the current system there is no room for justice and truth, there is no humanity and there definitely is no love.

He’s right that there was no justice served here. He got four months in jail for essentially killing his baby, giving him nothing but maple syrup, garlic, hot peppers, and juice with frozen berries while he suffered. For using “home remedies” over evidence-based medicine, Stephan was given less than half a year in jail.

Then, after his time was served, he went back on the road promoting his brand of alternative medicine (because it worked so well for his family). Stephan clearly didn’t learn his lesson, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see him enter the correctional system again for putting lives at risk with his pseudoscience.

In his recent Facebook post, Stephan said he is speaking out against those who punished him and his wife even though it could have negative consequences.

I have been strongly cautioned to keep quiet as these types of posts could influence the outcome of court decisions, bail hearings etc. But this world needs more people that are willing to take a stand for truth, regardless of the cost.”

Let’s hope that he’s right, and that his post playing the victim and blaming the justice system for his crimes have serious repercussions. He and others like him put lives at risk every single day without a hint of empathy or concern. He could use more time to think about how to protect and care for children, and why spreading unproven woo about health is such a bad idea.

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