VA Politician Furious That Newspaper Edited His Letter Trashing Trans Opponent November 19, 2017

VA Politician Furious That Newspaper Edited His Letter Trashing Trans Opponent

Earlier this month, one of the most spectacular victories in an election night full of incredible victories for Democrats was the defeat of self-proclaimed “chief homophobe” Bob Marshall to transgender challenger Danica Roem for a seat in Virginia’s House of Delegates.

Marshall is still furious about his loss. While he’s accepted the defeat, he just wrote a letter to the Washington Post saying that insurance premiums for Virginians will skyrocket after Roem gets insurers to cover sex change operations.

Besides the fact that covering such procedures would barely create a dent in anyone’s premiums, Marshall made sure to get some anti-trans digs at his former opponent. He put “sex change” in scare quotes, as if that’s not a real thing. He referred to the “growing incidence of ‘sex-change regret,'” as if that is a real thing.

Most importantly, he referred to Roem as “Danica,” refusing to identify her by her proper gender. The Post, which has a policy of making sure all letters are “copy edited for grammar and style,” corrected his letter just as they would any other by changing “Danica” to “Ms. Roem.”

Marshall couldn’t handle it.


Wash Post Typo
The Washington Post published my letter yesterday (11/17/17, p. A-20) but changed “Danica” to Ms. Roem, which I did not notice when I approved the letter to be printed.

How petty can you get? The Washington Post made a mistake, Marshall says, because they didn’t let him be fully transphobic.

Ah well. He’ll have plenty of time to look for all the “typos” he wants starting this January when Roem takes over his seat.

(via Boing Boing)

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