Who Are These Gay Guys Promoting Bigotry for a Christian Legal Group? November 16, 2017

Who Are These Gay Guys Promoting Bigotry for a Christian Legal Group?

Conservative legal group Alliance Defending Freedom posted a strange video the other day on their Facebook page. It features two gay men, TJ and Matt, about to enter Masterpiece Cakeshop. That’s the business owned by Jack Phillips, a man who refused to make a cake for a gay wedding and whose discrimination case is currently in front of the Supreme Court.

TJ: Hi, I’m TJ.

MATT: And I’m Matt.

TJ: We’re gay, and we’re here to support Jack Phillips.

MATT: We’re here to buy stuff from him and support him, because we don’t think any artist should be forced to create for something that violates their beliefs.

I have so many questions about this…

1) Who are these people?

Seriously, who are they? Are they a couple? Are they in same-sex relationships with other people? Are they married? Are they conservatives? Why don’t we know their last names?

I’m not asking to dox them or because I want to publicly shame them. I just want some confirmation they’re real people and not actors.

It would be really odd for ADF to promote a video featuring two men who are gay and married when their Christian base opposes marriage equality.

A more credible video would’ve included some additional information just for the sake of credibility.

2) Whose idea was this?

This was clearly pre-planned, so was the video put together by ADF? Or did the gay men contact ADF ahead of time? Either way, it doesn’t look as spontaneous as the video suggests.

3) Do these men realize the issues at stake?

It’s only a 13-second video, so we don’t know where the men stand on other issues. But the reason so many LGBTQ people and allies oppose Jack Phillips and the Christian groups on his side is because a ruling in their favor could lead to legalized discrimination in restaurants, hospitals, and flower shops. The ACLU explains:

This would mean that printers could refuse to sell invitations to a birthday party, a hairdresser could refuse to cut hair for a bat mitzvah, or a caterer could refuse to prepare food for a graduation party. A funeral home could even refuse service to the surviving spouse of a gay couple.

Are these men okay with that discrimination too? Do they realize that supporting Phillips means they might not be able to visit their partners on their death beds?

It’s entirely possible these are just two gay men who support discrimination against gay people.

I’m not starting some conspiracy theory here by suggesting otherwise. But by ADF releasing a short video and only the first names of these guys, they’re leaving so many more things unanswered. I’ve sent them my questions and I’ll post an update if I hear back.

In the meantime, conservative websites are celebrating this video of two gay guys who just get it.

(via NewsVideoClip.tv)

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