Roy Moore’s Defenders Aren’t Doing Him Any Favors November 16, 2017

Roy Moore’s Defenders Aren’t Doing Him Any Favors

Earlier today, a group of conservatives organized by anti-abortion activist Janet Porter gathered around a microphone to voice their support for Roy Moore despite multiple allegations of how he hit on (and molested) teenagers as young as 14 when he was in his 30s.

The way to shine a positive light on Moore (one that he doesn’t deserve), I would think, is by featuring the smartest, most credible people. Find people who have known Moore for decades and have them speak about what a wonderful guy he is. Find people who acknowledge the allegations would be damning if true, but that the Roy Moore they know would never do anything like that.

It would still be a shit-show to watch, but that’s what I’d expect to see.

Instead, Porter brought together a group of the most fundamentalist right-wing speakers she could find — most of whom were from outside of Alabama — and they lived up to the low expectations.

Peter Montgomery at Right Wing Watch explains:

Speakers included anti-abortion extremists like Flip Benham and Operation Save America’s Rusty Thomas, long-time Religious Right fringe figures… like Alan Keyes and Gordon Klingenschmitt, right-wing internet personalities like Activist Mommy, local pastors, and even Janet Porter’s mom, who is still furious about the way Republicans treated her daughter when she ran unsuccessfully for the Ohio state senate last year…

One standout — both for being a non-Christian and for the intense ugliness of his anti-gay rhetoric — was Rabbi Noson Leiter, who denounced the “abomination” of marriage equality and “homosexualist gay terrorism and blackmail” and praised Moore for taking on “immoral Bible-hating millionaires” including “anti-god Republicans like McCain and Romney.” He said Noah’s flood “was triggered by societal recognition of same-gender marriage — so-called marriage.” Letier said, “We need Judge Moore to stand up to the LGBT transgender mafia, which legislates sins that the Bible brands abomination into public policy, thereby advancing laws that result in state-sanctioned abuse of children and adults alike.”

If these people are supposed to make Moore look reasonable and respectable, it failed. If the old adage is true that you’re known by the company you keep, today featured a couple dozen additional reasons Moore has no business sitting in the Senate.

You don’t deflect charges of pedophilia by lobbing bigot grenades at every group you traditionally oppose.

Even after Moore spoke, Porter wouldn’t allow reporters to pose any serious questions to him. As he walked out, ignoring questions about whether he denies the allegations, Porter yelled to the assembled crowd that she “paid for the microphone” and that she was “glad you got more church than you probably have in the last ten years.”

Things didn’t get any more rational after the press conference.

Keyes screams at one point in that video, “We will not let you strip him of his personal rights, of his personhood, the way you have stripped our unborn children!” Because, somehow, fetuses matter more than 14-year-old victims of sexual assault.

To them, fetuses matter more than everybody… except other right wing Christians.

If these are the best character witnesses for Roy Moore, he needs some new friends. Maybe one day he’ll find some… preferably somewhere other than in a mall.

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