E.W. Jackson: Vote for Roy Moore Because Liberals “Will Destroy” People Like Us November 16, 2017

E.W. Jackson: Vote for Roy Moore Because Liberals “Will Destroy” People Like Us

A lot of Republicans would rather see an alleged pedophile in the Senate than a Democrat.

Case in point? Activist and former candidate for Virginia Lt. Governor E.W. Jackson said on his radio show yesterday that voters shouldn’t allow Moore to be derailed by his critics — despite any concerns they have about the sexual abuse allegations against him — because the alternative would be the worst kinds of Christian persecution.


“There is no need in pretending that part of the issue is you don’t ever want to give these leftists another head to mount on their mantel,” he said. “They’re head-hunters, they like to destroy people, they like to destroy Christian conservatives, particularly. They’re filled with hatred and animosity and they love killing folks. I’m serious, folks. I think a lot of ’em would kill people physically if they thought they could get away with it, but they can’t, for the most part; they don’t want to go to jail so what they do is they try to kill people metaphorically, destroy them, destroy their reputation, destroy their career, destroy their livelihood, just make them suffer.”

“That’s the kind of hatred they have for people of my ilk,” Jackson continued. “That’s the kind of hatred they have for people who are conservatives, people who are Christians, people who are identified with the right side of the political spectrum — and I mean ‘right’ as in ‘correct.’ So you don’t ever want to give them any kind of concession and that is part of the equation here, it just is, because you know they lie and you know they make stuff up and you know they will destroy people if they can and it doesn’t matter to them.”

Vote for the accused pedophile, he suggests to his audience, because the Democrats will kill you. And if they don’t do that, they’ll just destroy everything you love.

I have no idea why elected Democrats, most of whom are also Christian, would try to sabotage their own faith, but Jackson’s never been an advocate for reasonable argument.

And it’s no wonder he’s a fan of Moore. Jackson himself may be running for Senate from Virginia next year. Which means his previous comments and actions will undoubtedly come back to haunt him. If Moore wins given all the accusations against him, that can only be good news for a man with a long history of saying the most despicable things.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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