Roy Moore’s Brother: Roy’s Being Persecuted Just “Like Jesus Christ Was” November 11, 2017

Roy Moore’s Brother: Roy’s Being Persecuted Just “Like Jesus Christ Was”

A day after we learned that evangelical stalwart and GOP candidate for Senate from Alabama Roy Moore is an alleged child molester, his brother is joining the crowd of Christians who thinks this is just some liberal conspiracy.

In an interview with CNN’s Martin Savidge, Jerry Moore suggested the multiple accusers were all doing it for money (though he didn’t specify who was paying them) and that their claims were politically motivated.

And then he compared his brother to Jesus.


“When I asked what does he believe the motivation is with these women coming forward making the accusations they have, again, Jerry Moore says it’s money and the Democratic Party, implying that they are doing this because they’re being paid in some way, and it is for the purpose of derailing or interrupting this campaign,” Savidge said.

Moore went so far as to say “that his brother is being persecuted, in his own words, like Jesus Christ was,” according to Savidge. “Very defiant and very outspoken, relying on his faith and defending his brother to the hilt.”

Jesus, if you believe the biblical story, was persecuted for his beliefs.

Roy Moore is being criticized for his supposed actions. There’s a difference.

Either Moore touched a 14-year-old girl or he didn’t. Either he pursued relationships with girls under 18 when he was in his 30s or he didn’t. Dismissing all the accusations as part of some conspiracy when the women have nothing to gain by being labeled as the victims says more about Moore than them.

Plus, as some online commenters have claimed, Jesus was nailed to a cross. So it’s not like He had wandering hands. The comparison fails on every level.

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