Matt Barber: The TX Church Shooter Liked the “Anti-Christian” Friendly Atheist November 10, 2017

Matt Barber: The TX Church Shooter Liked the “Anti-Christian” Friendly Atheist

Yesterday, when right-wing activist Matt Barber was blaming the Texas church massacre on groups like the ACLU, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa, I somehow missed the whole part where he linked my name to the shooter.

Because the shooter had “liked” my page on Facebook, Barber assumed (with no evidence) that this meant he took his inspiration from me. Even though the shooter also liked a page for psychics (hardly the natural overlap for an atheist) and there’s nothing I’ve ever said on this site that would suggest an endorsement of what he did.

… Before the FBI and whoever and Facebook scrubbed all of [the shooter’s] social media, there were some screen captures of a number of the organizations that he liked. Liked on his Facebook page.

There was CNN. Evidently a big fan of CNN. No surprise there!

The Friendly Atheist. He’s a fellow hater, anti-Christian hater and bigot that, as far as I know, has never called for violence against Christians, but he certainly defames and smears Christians. And so he, this killer, liked his page on Facebook as well…

I’m amazed at how Barber considers it defaming and smearing when just about everything I write about conservative Christians involves quoting them directly. And much of that material comes from Right Wing Watch, which literally takes the audio/video clips from their own interviews and shows.

Barber shouldn’t be mad at me. He should be mad at the guy in the mirror.

(Thanks to Kyle for the link)

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