Matt Barber Blames TX Church Shooting on ACLU, #BlackLivesMatter, and Antifa November 9, 2017

Matt Barber Blames TX Church Shooting on ACLU, #BlackLivesMatter, and Antifa

Conservative Christians are still clinging to the idea that the shooter who killed more than two dozen people in a Texas church over the weekend did it because he was an atheist who hated Christians.

There’s absolutely no evidence suggesting that’s the reason he killed everyone.

Law enforcement officials investigating the crime, and who have no reason to lie about his motives, have hinted that the reason was hatred against his mother-in-law. He went to that church because he thought she would be there.

Investigators have not publicly identified a motive for the shooting, but they pointed to Kelley’s rage at his own relatives, particularly his mother-in-law, who attended the church but was not there during the massacre. “We know there was conflict,” [Texas Department of Public Safety regional director Freeman] Martin said. “He was upset with the mother-in-law.”

But conservatives know better than to let facts get in the way of their persecution narratives.

Activist Matt Barber recently told Gordon Klingenschmitt on his “Pray In Jesus Name” show that religious bigotry was the root of this tragedy, and that means the blame lies with — wait for it — every group he hates.

“We need to look at the bigger picture here,” Barber said. “This thing didn’t happen in a vacuum. We need to understand that it is this anti-Christian climate here in the United States … This was a man who hated Jesus, he hated Christians and he literally was engaged in an act of war against Christians.

“What spurred him on? What caused him to do this?” Barber asked, linking the Texas massacre to the shooting at the Family Research Council in 2012, which right-wing activists routinely blame on the SPLC. “I’m not going to say this is all in the lap of the Southern Poverty Law Center, but Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the SPLC, groups like People For the American Way, Americans United Against Separation of Church and State [sic], the ACLU — don’t forget, Roger Baldwin famously said, ‘Communism is the goal’ — communism is atheism, atheism is communism, it’s leftism, they hate Christians, they hate Christianity. So we are seeing a climate of anti-Christian hate and bigotry that I think was the foundation, perhaps even the justification, that this monster used in his own mind to rationalize taking out these precious souls and followers of Christ Jesus.”

I’m amazed he didn’t go full Falwell and blame abortionists, feminists, and gays.

But notice who he didn’t blame: The Air Force for making a vital error, Donald Trump for making it easier for mentally ill people to get access to guns, and the NRA for always calling for more guns as a response to everything. Because in Barber’s mind, we can’t pin any blame on technical errors, conservatives, or gun enthusiasts.

Nope. Just the people who fight for church/state separation and civil rights.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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