Joel Osteen Impersonator Evades (Most) Security Personnel at Joel Osteen Event November 9, 2017

Joel Osteen Impersonator Evades (Most) Security Personnel at Joel Osteen Event

Want to imitate megachurch pastor and guy-you-can’t-rely-on-in-a-flood Joel Osteen? Smile a lot. Use a Southern accent. Talk in platitudes that sound uplifting but ring hollow. And walk around like you own the place, wherever you are.

Michael Klimkowski, member of the sketch comedy group Dabs Den, has the added advantage of looking like Osteen. Which makes it easy — too easy, really — to make people think he is Osteen right before the start of a sermon in California.

To quote one YouTuber, this was “a fraud imitating a conman.” Osteen, I would say, isn’t a conman, but what he’s selling is inspiration, not Jesus-y goodness.

I see the similarities between Osteen and the actor, but I’m shocked at how many people couldn’t tell the difference. (I guess it helps that there wasn’t much light outside.) Still, there’s an easy way to figure out which one’s the real one. Just ask both Osteens if they think a married gay couple will end up in Hell. The real one will run away before he ever has to answer the question.

In case you’re wondering what happens at the end of the video, one of the comedy group’s members said this to the AV Club:

[Reggie] Henke also tells us that the confrontation recorded at the end of the video was with Osteen’s head of security. Though that guy asserts they’re going to the jail, Henke notes the “real police” just thought it was funny. “Especially because Mike, our ‘Joel,’ never really dropped character and kept getting approached by ‘fans’ even as we were detained.”

That just makes the entire video even funnier.

(Thanks to O for the link)

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