TX Attorney General: The Solution to Church Shootings Is More Guns in Church November 6, 2017

TX Attorney General: The Solution to Church Shootings Is More Guns in Church

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton was on Fox News yesterday offering his suggestion for how to prevent future mass shootings in churches: More people should just bring guns to church.

Judd Legum at ThinkProgress explains the clip:

All I can say is, you know, in Texas at least we have the opportunity to have concealed-carry, And so if it’s a place where somebody has the ability to carry, there’s always the opportunity that gunman will be taken out before he has the opportunity to kill very many people,” Paxton replied.

[Fox News anchor Eric] Shawn pressed Paxton on this point, noting that carrying a gun while “praying to the Lord” are two “diametrically opposite concepts.” Paxton was unswayed.

He agreed that carrying a gun to church can seem unnatural and that’s why many people don’t do it. (Some faith communities in Texas have also actively resisted efforts to allow guns in places of worship.) But, Paxton argued, we need to be “arming some of the parishioners or the congregation so that they can respond if something like this, when something like this happens again.”

We may be immune to this sort of response in the U.S. — Texas, certainly — but everywhere else in the world, they’re wondering what the hell is wrong with us. Reasonable solutions range from making sure there are better mental health services available to banning certain types of weapons to making sure the barriers to getting a gun are incredibly hard to overcome.

Paxton, however, is so dead set on making sure a weapon serves as another limb that he wants churchgoers to come armed with a Bible in one pocket and a gun in the other. He’s also in support of college students and professors carrying weapons at school.

Because nothing could possibly go wrong when everyone is in possession of weapons that can take someone else’s life.

We’ve given up on trying to prevent a single death. Now we’re trying to prevent excess casualties in a mass shooting. And as evidence has shown time and time again, Paxton’s suggesting is perhaps the least useful way to keep people safe.

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