The Activist Mommy Is Trying to Blame Me for the Texas Church Shooting November 6, 2017

The Activist Mommy Is Trying to Blame Me for the Texas Church Shooting

The good thing about blogging? You get to share your views with the world, and if you’re lucky, people will read it.

The bad thing about blogging? Some deranged guy murders dozens of innocent people in a church, and because he once clicked “Like” on your Facebook page for reasons no one can explain yet, people blame you for it.

Like “Activist Mommy” Elizabeth Johnston, who claims to know exactly what was going through the killer’s mind based on that single data point. And since Teen Vogue is going out of print, she needs something new to be angry about.

***Update***: The Facebook post has been taken down, but here’s a glimpse of what it said:



When you become the subject of hate from someone who peddles in Christian outrage, gets angry when LGBT people are treated as human beings, and leads protests against websites that publish educational articles about sex, it isn’t so bad. I’m pretty sure she was angrier at Teen Vogue for educating young women about sex than the person she’s now blaming for inspiring a mass murder. She certainly devoted more time to the former.

(Incidentally, the “hit pieces” she’s referring to are probably the ones where I point out the flaws in her rants, or talk about how an article she posted on her personal website advocated beating your children in a God-approved way.)

As for the Texas shooter, I suggest waiting until more evidence comes in. Sometimes, you don’t know all the details in the hours following a tragic shooting. It’s better not to jump to conclusions and make a tragedy all about your pet issue.

You know who I learned that from?

The Activist Mommy. Right after the shooting in Las Vegas.


So much for taking her own advice.

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