Anti-Abortion Republicans Make It Harder To Adopt Kids in Their Tax Reform Bill November 6, 2017

Anti-Abortion Republicans Make It Harder To Adopt Kids in Their Tax Reform Bill

In the latest hypocritical development from the “pro-life” party, the GOP is attempting to end the adoption tax credit, making it more difficult for couples who want to help a child in need.


Zaid Jilani at The Intercept explains the problem:

…the Republican tax proposal released Thursday would make it more difficult for American parents to turn to what many anti-abortion groups offer as an alternative: adoption.

The House Republican tax reform bill would completely eliminate the adoption tax credit, which has been in the tax code since 1997. It was a bipartisan achievement pushed through by former Texas Republican Rep. Bill Archer, who was chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. Designed to help cover “reasonable and necessary adoption fees, court costs, attorney fees, and other expenses,” the credit is available for up to $13,460 per child.

Some employers also offer adoption assistance in the form of financial aid and paid leave time. As of now, this type of assistance is tax-exempt, but the proposed bill would make such benefits subject to taxation.

The bill would also make adoption assistance from employers — which usually takes the form of financial aid and paid leave time — taxable.

Let’s get this straight: The same party that wants to criminalize abortion wants to do away with comprehensive sex education in public schools (which has been proven to lower teenage pregnancy rates), allow employers to prohibit birth control coverage in their health insurance plans (which helps lower all pregnancy rates), and now, they want to make it harder for families to adopt even though that’s the solution most commonly pushed by anti-abortion advocates for women who don’t want to keep their unplanned pregnancies.

There’s no better proof that the GOP doesn’t give a damn about children, families, or women. The depth of their pockets is the biggest factor dictating their morals.

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