VA Republican: Trans People Violate the Laws of Nature at a “Fundamental Level” November 5, 2017

VA Republican: Trans People Violate the Laws of Nature at a “Fundamental Level”

Bob Marshall is one of the Delegates up for election on Tuesday in Virginia — he’s been in office since 1992 — but his recent comments show exactly why he doesn’t deserve his seat.

Marshall was speaking with right-wing radio host Sandy Rios when he said he wouldn’t use the proper pronouns to refer to his transgender opponent, Danica Roem, because he gets the “laws of nature.”


“It is not a civil right to masquerade your fantasies as reality,” Marshall said. “But standing up to this is somewhat difficult because you get called all kinds of names. And if you’re going to be shying away because someone calls you a bigot or a transphobe or whatever it is, it probably is not something that you should attempt.”

“I’ve drawn a line. I’m not leaving it, because I don’t make the laws of nature but I think I understand them, at least at this fundamental level. I never flunked biology, so I’m not going to call a man a woman, period,” Marshall said.

Spoiler: He doesn’t understand the topic at a fundamental level. Getting a passing grade in high school biology didn’t inoculate him from being an asshole.

Right Wing Watch has a list of other ways Marshall has gone after Roem. There’s no substance, of course, just thinly veiled attacks on her appearance and identity. Meanwhile, Marshall has said childhood disabilities are God’s way of punishing people for legalized abortion and pushed legislation to block LGBTQ people from serving in the National Guard.

If you live in his district, there’s a simple way to let him know how you feel this Tuesday.

(Screenshot via YouTube)

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