Linda Harvey: Disney’s First Gay Main Character Should Have Been Molested First November 2, 2017

Linda Harvey: Disney’s First Gay Main Character Should Have Been Molested First

On Friday, the Disney Channel show Andi Mack kicked off its second season with a storyline in which one male character admitted his crush on another. It was Disney’s first show that included a main character’s coming out story.

If you don’t live in a bubble, this wasn’t controversial. Ask any public school teenager if this plot would be out of place at their school and I promise you the answer would be “No” just about every time.

But conservative Christians flipped out as if watching this episode would turn children gay.

One Million Moms (Twitter followers: 3,731) sent out a press release saying this episode would take away “children’s innocence,” while urging everyone to sign a petition against Disney. Blogger Matt Walsh called Disney “anti-Christian.” Creationist Ken Ham said parents shouldn’t trust Disney and promoted the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter as family-friendly alternatives.

But none of those haters got even close to the level of homophobia exhibited by professional bigot Linda Harvey.


In an article on, Harvey actually said she didn’t mind Disney showing an openly gay character… she just wished he had a different storyline:

America’s innocence-endangered kids deserve better than normalizing sinful, high-risk behavior. Yet there is a storyline that would be helpful.

What if Disney told the truth about the frequent origin of same-sex attractions in youth?

A heartbreaking but realistic angle could explore what happens when a boy is molested by an adult male or an older teen boy, and then finds himself with same-sex desires — feelings absent prior to the abuse.

Yes, why couldn’t the character have been molested first? Then everything would have made sense! Because just about everyone who’s gay went through that! Right…?

It’s typical Christian bigotry: Full of ignorance, high on confidence, and empty on substance.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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