Bryan Fischer: The Google Docs Glitch Was an Attempt to “Shut My Voice Down” November 1, 2017

Bryan Fischer: The Google Docs Glitch Was an Attempt to “Shut My Voice Down”

Yesterday, there was a brief glitch in Google Docs that led to some users getting warnings that they violated the terms of service… even if the document they were working on had literally nothing controversial in it. Google later apologized saying it was a technical problem that affected a small percentage of users and they would work to prevent it from ever happening again.

So what did the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer have to say about that?

He called it Christian persecution.


“It looks suspicious to us, like Google is trying to shut me down,” Fischer said. “And I suspect that Google is trying to shut me down because, as far as I know, I am the only public voice that has stood in support of Roy Moore and his view on Muslims in Congress.”

“Telling the truth about Islam is offensive content to the people at Google,” he said. “Google, heavy into censorship and now, apparently, for some reason — whether it’s their machine, their algorithm, whatever — they have singled me out in an effort, I think in some way or another, to shut my voice down.

Jesus. It’s not always about you. Technical glitches aren’t a form of anti-Christian censorship. No one is preventing Christians from saying the dumbest possible things they can think of. If anything, people like me want you to keep talking because you make Christianity look awful.

It’s the same sort of selfish delusional thinking we saw with YouTube’s recent “adpocalypse,” in which YouTubers who discuss controversial topics (including religion and politics) saw a large number of their videos demonetized. It affected the Atheist Voice channel, too.

While Christians were quick to cry foul, YouTube (also owned by Google) wasn’t selectively discriminating against conservative voices. They went after just about everyone who discussed advertiser-unfriendly topics, regardless of beliefs. Liberal atheists were affected just like Trump-supporting Republicans.

Fischer’s myopia strikes again. He tried to play connect the dots with a single dot and ended up with the wrong picture. At this point, nobody should be surprised.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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