After School Satan Club Leader Shows Jim Jefferies You Don’t Need God To Be Good November 1, 2017

After School Satan Club Leader Shows Jim Jefferies You Don’t Need God To Be Good

Last night’s episode of The Jim Jefferies Show included a fantastic segment about religious groups like the Good News Club which attempt to indoctrinate children. Jefferies, an atheist, pushed back against the arguments of the representative he interviewed, saying that kids didn’t need God to be good; they inherently understood ideas like the Golden Rule.

But the crux of the piece was Jefferies’ interview with Chalice Blythe, the national director of After School Satan. He mocked her for calling herself a Satanist despite not believing in Satan, but the point was clear that even Satanists could offer a moral education for children.

As with any clip like this, those interviews likely lasted hours with most lines ending up on the cutting room floor. Remember: This is Comedy Central. The segments are meant to make you laugh, not present a comprehensive case for or against these groups.

In any case, I’m amazed that the typically foul-mouthed Jefferies let the whole “ASS Club” thing slide.

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