Pat Robertson: Trump Should “Shut Down” the Entire Mueller Investigation October 31, 2017

Pat Robertson: Trump Should “Shut Down” the Entire Mueller Investigation

On The 700 Club yesterday, Pat Robertson wasted no time urging Donald Trump to “shut down” the entire Robert Mueller investigation and issue a blanket pardon everyone implicated in the alleged crimes.

Trump “can grant a pardon to everybody involved in this thing if he wants to,” Robertson said. “This whole thing has got to be shut down … He has every right to shut Mueller down and say, ‘You have gone as far as you need to and I have instructed my Justice Department to close you down.’”

He can grant a blanket pardon for everybody involved in everything and say, ‘I pardon them all, it’s all over, case closed,’” Robertson continued. “I think that is what he needs to do … He’s got to shut this thing down, he’s just got to.”

Makes sense. Who knows more about skirting the law than a televangelist?

Robertson’s justification for his statements was that the Clinton campaign and the DNC supposedly funded the research that led to the infamous dossier against Trump (a.k.a. The Pee Tape). Therefore, Mueller’s findings were worthless. The argument makes no sense at all since Mueller’s findings would hold up or fail on their own merits. But logic isn’t Robertson’s strong suit, either.

Does anyone think Robertson would say the same thing if Hillary Clinton was the one in the White House?

If nothing else, this video includes Robertson saying “tainted” a bunch of times, so at least Vic Berger will have a field day with it.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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