Pet Expo Canceled After Accountant Tries to Kill Company’s “Anti-Christ” COO October 27, 2017

Pet Expo Canceled After Accountant Tries to Kill Company’s “Anti-Christ” COO

If you were expecting to attend the St. Louis Pet Expo this weekend… well, you’re out of luck. The convention center where it was being held pulled the plug on the event last week citing “unmet contractual obligations.”


But the company behind the event, Amazing Pet Expos, says it’s not entirely their fault. They’ve run a lot of successful pet expos in the past. The St. Louis event would have been fine, too… until their accountant got in the way.

They explained everything on their website… and, oh boy, this one’s a doozy.

She had come to believe she was a prophet tasked with writing a new book of the Bible, was Moses reincarnated, and that the COO of our company was the anti-Christ. She had been timing all of the COO’s actions and claimed they all took place in increments of six seconds, six minutes, six hours, etc, thereby confirming he was indeed Satan. She was incredibly sickened by our LGBTQ staff members, and in the most chilling portion of the recording, stated she needed to kill the COO/Satan.

She was also destroying documents and files, deleting QuickBooks accounts and backups, sending irrational emails to our vendor list, and in a sickening twist, found three or four “allies” in people that we had previously or currently were doing business with.

She’s since been fired (though even that required a police officer). The entire company had to find new headquarters just so they could get away from her. And there’s litigation involved in all different directions.

So that’s why you can’t see those cute puppies in St. Louis this weekend. The company behind it is still undoing the damage done by an employee who committed acts of sabotage for religious reasons.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch notes that the company has canceled other events this year — and in years past — for reasons that can’t be blamed on a rogue fundamentalist employee.

In December 2014, the company pulled a show in Sacramento at the last minute, claiming the Ferguson protests made it unable to organize the event.

Complaints from vendors have also been widespread over the years, including 20 separate complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau in which vendors describe different shows that were canceled or rescheduled with little warning.

Many claimed they never received refunds.

There’s apparently a lot that needs to be fixed. But at least they fired the Satan-seeing employee who threatened the COO’s life.

It can only get better from here, right?

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Jessie for the link)

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