Gordon Klingenschmitt: “The Church Should Take Over the Government” October 26, 2017

Gordon Klingenschmitt: “The Church Should Take Over the Government”

Former Colorado State Rep. and current Christian talk show host Gordon Klingenschmitt is no longer hiding the fact that he wants a theocracy. During a recent interview on the radio show Vocal Point to promote his new book, he urged Christians to run for public office so that religion could overpower government.


“If you’re Christian, I think you have an obligation to serve your country in some way,” Klingenschmitt said. “Up in heaven, God already rules. But down here on earth, it’s not always the case. There are some places where God’s will is not done, we read about sin every day in the newspapers. Look at what happened in Las Vegas, that was not the will of God, so we need to stand up for what is the will of God and bring His will down here to earth, the same way it is already being done in heaven.”

“I think one way to do that is to get involved in politics,” he added. “The church should become the state, the church should take over the government.”

That’s… a horrible idea.

You would think the type of person who spreads (false) fear about impending Sharia Law, where Muslims take over the government, would understand the perils of replacing the Constitution with a holy book. But it’s not like this is his first time making these comments. Klingenschmitt has said we must base our foreign policy on the Bible and that our laws had to reflect God’s laws.

Religious fundamentalists are unable to see the situation objectively. When it’s their religion, it can be imposed upon everybody. When it’s someone else’s religion, however, anything resembling that is seen as Christian persecution.

In this case, at least, we can’t say Klingenschmitt is all talk. He was elected as a state representative in 2014 but lost his bid for state senate last year after blaming legal abortion for why a young pregnant woman in the state was brutally assaulted and had her fetus torn out of her body. Colorado was right to reject him after making the mistake of electing him.

Why would anyone want to see more irrational bigots in positions of power?

We have plenty of them in office as is.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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