Franklin Graham: New Trans-Inclusive Bathroom Policy in NC Will Endanger Women October 23, 2017

Franklin Graham: New Trans-Inclusive Bathroom Policy in NC Will Endanger Women

Late last week, North Carolina’s Democratic Governor Roy Cooper signed an executive order meant to make bathrooms more gender inclusive. It’s the opposite of the bigotry displayed by his Republican predecessor. But it was far from the sort of pro-trans legislation supporters would hope for.

The order prevents discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in government agencies. It also says the state government can’t adopt rules stopping transgender people from using the appropriate bathrooms. But those rules don’t apply to private businesses, public schools, or even progressive cities.

That means that the city of Charlotte can’t set any rules about bathrooms in either private businesses or its own buildings, like the Convention Center or the Government Center.

So it’s a step in the right direction… but not much more than that. There’s a lot to be desired to the point where even the Human Rights Campaign criticized it for not going far enough.

Cathryn Oakley of the Human Rights Campaign in Washington D.C. said her organization wanted Cooper to give teeth behind the order, including consequences if a transgender employee is denied access to their preferred bathroom.

The order also says that contractors doing business with the state must “attest that they will not discriminate, harass or retaliate” and that they have internal policies in place prohibiting discrimination against the protected classes, which include gender identity and sexual orientation.

The order referencing contractors and subcontractors does not mention bathrooms.

Yet somehow, despite the bare minimum progress this achieves, evangelist Franklin Graham is treating it as if the sky is falling.

North Carolinians have been betrayed by Gov. Roy Cooper. The people of this state are now going to be exposed to pedophiles and sexually perverted men in women’s public restrooms. Shame on him and those who supported this executive order for being so morally bankrupt and blind to the threat this is to young girls, children, and women. Join me in praying that the eyes of the governor and other politicians who support this would be opened to the dangers, and that the people throughout the state will let their voices and concern be heard. What the governor has done is wrong, and if one woman or one child is molested because of this executive order, he should be held accountable.

I read through the executive order. Nowhere does it say it’s okay for pedophiles to enter women’s restrooms. Nor is it okay for “sexually perverted men” to enter them just for shits and giggles. Anyone assaulting someone else in a bathroom will still, as always, be persecuted.

This is conservative Christian thinking for you: Even a hint of inclusion — and that’s all this is — amounts to the worst kind of savagery against women and children. There’s no nuance. There’s no understanding of the issue. There’s just faith-based hate and a Christian White Knight attempting to save people from a problem that doesn’t exist.

Christians who try to shut down Planned Parenthood do far more damage to the safety of women than a governor who says men can use the correct bathroom (in some situations).

There are virtually no cases, by the way, of a trans person assaulting strangers in restrooms. The couple random anecdotes that do exist usually omit some very important details.

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