Jim Bakker: Atheists Are “Going Insane” Because Trump Loves God Too Much October 20, 2017

Jim Bakker: Atheists Are “Going Insane” Because Trump Loves God Too Much

Why do so many liberals hate Donald Trump? Is it because of his constant ignorance? His appalling racism? The steady stream of lies? The glaring hypocrisy? Is it because he’s destroying our country’s reputation with every passing day? Or that he surrounds himself with sycophants? Or that the Republican Party isn’t doing a damn thing to restrain him even though they would launch a congressional inquiry if a President Hillary Clinton so much as took a few extra sick days?

Nope. Televangelist Jim Bakker knows exactly why people like us hate Trump.

It’s because he loves God too much.

“Unsaved people are going insane,” he said. “They can’t take it. They can’t believe that a person was elected to the presidency that honored God, that wants to keep the cross on top of your church and Jesus in your heart.

Sure… because when you think of Donald Trump, you think of the man who sacrificed material goods, who helped the sick and poor, who turned the other cheek, and who could do no wrong.

I guess no one told Bakker that our last president was also a Christian. So was the one before him. And the one before that. And so on.

In any case, Trump’s supposed religious beliefs haven’t bothered me one bit since he entered office. I’m far more concerned about the Christians he’s surrounding himself with, since those people will say and do anything to remain on his good side. He tells them they can say “Merry Christmas,” and they’ll tell their followers not to trust the news media. Now that’s frightening.

Bakker also added that Trump is against abortion, which is another reason he’s infuriating liberals.

Bakker said that while Trump “wants to stop killing the babies,” his opponents are fighting to keep abortion legal despite the fact that “this is one of the main reasons … judgment finally came to America.”

“Everybody is for abortion that is still alive,” Bakker said, before quietly admitting, “I don’t know what that means.”

I’m sure he doesn’t. He also claimed birth control amounts to murder… which is a whole other level of conservative stupidity.

Keep in mind that by ignoring the devastation in Puerto Rico, not handling the water crisis in Flint, and doing nothing to combat the opioid crisis or rampant abuse of gun power, Trump and the “pro-life” Republicans are letting children die every day. They don’t give a damn.

They claim to be the voices for the voiceless, but they’re not listening to the people suffering the most under their leadership.

(via Right Wing Watch)

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