Aspiring Pastor Stabbed Wife 123 Times and Blamed Cold Medicine October 20, 2017

Aspiring Pastor Stabbed Wife 123 Times and Blamed Cold Medicine

You may remember Matthew Phelps, the young North Carolina man who was studying to become a pastor before he killed his wife and blamed the cough medicine he took before bed. Well, according to an autopsy report, she was stabbed 123 times.


Phelps could’ve done what many “men of God” would do in that situation and blamed the devil for this tragedy, but instead he pointed to a cold medicine known as Coricidin (for people with high blood pressure). He said he “took more medicine” than he should have, and that he woke up holding a bloody knife over his wife’s body.

He called 911 and reported that his wife was bloody and hurt on the floor, saying he wasn’t sure if she’s dead, but that if she was, it was an accident while he was sleeping and being affected by the cold medicine.

People notes that this was no “accident.”

The subsequent autopsy report shows that Lauren Hugelmaier Phelps, 29, was found in the fetal position on the bedroom floor of the home she shared with Matthew, her husband of less than a year. She was covered in blood.

The report enumerates the extensive injuries Lauren sustained. Police previously said that “preliminary findings have established that the crime was not a random act.”

She suffered “multiple stab wounds to her face, neck, torso, arms, and jugular vein,” according to WTVD.

The cold medicine excuse wasn’t the strongest one to begin with. Despite the fact that others have claimed medicine made them kill, they have almost always been met with severe sentences. And Bayer, the pharmaceutical company that makes Coricidin, made clear there is “no evidence to suggest” the medicine “is associated with violent behavior.”

I think these initial findings from the autopsy report are enough to sink any doubt about what happened. It’s hard to believe this was an innocent man of God who became a victim of circumstance. The number of stab wounds indicates something much more serious and calculated.

We’ve all seen enough Law & Order to know that, when someone has 123 stab wounds to the face and jugular, law enforcement is probably dealing with someone who holds a personal vendetta. Not someone who od’ed on medicine.

We’ll find out soon enough if the justice system draws the same conclusion.

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