Man Blames Las Vegas Massacre on “Anti-Christian Atheism” October 18, 2017

Man Blames Las Vegas Massacre on “Anti-Christian Atheism”

I know the slaughter of 58 innocent people in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago is already out of the news, but here’s a question for you: What was the shooter’s motive?

The correct answer is: We have no idea. It’s disturbing to think this could’ve been so random — that the shooter just decided to kill people just because he could — though I doubt pinning a reason on the tragedy would change much. Still, there’s no official motive, which means there’s no shortage of people using the event to blame whatever group bothers them.

Mike Goodpaster, a native of Washougal, Washington, is one of those people, and he knows who’s responsible for this mass killing. He explained in a letter to The Columbian.


Theories abound about how to explain the Las Vegas murderer. I believe his real motivation was the adoption of and the literal butcher’s thumb application of the world view of anti-Christian atheism which is directly in opposition to the absolute values found in the Christian ethic.

Christianity stands in opposition to this alien system. Atheism, a defective standard, has flipped truth in favor of man as god, at least for the moment, and pretends the ability to whistle up most any lie to prop up a political viewpoint at the expense of authentic morality.

I’m sure that sounds brilliant in his head, but he’s a damn fool everywhere else.

There’s nothing linking the shooter to atheism. And there’s nothing linking atheism to acts of mass killing. Not now. Not in history (despite claims to the contrary). Indeed, countries that are less religious usually see less violence and more happiness.

Simply put, a letter like this freaks me out a lot more than someone declaring he’s an atheist. At least the atheist can think critically about one important subject, so there’s hope that applies in other areas as well. When you accept religious nonsense, however, who knows what else you’ll believe.

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