Atheists Ask TX School District to Take Down Christian Flag Outside High School October 16, 2017

Atheists Ask TX School District to Take Down Christian Flag Outside High School

Outside LaPoynor High School Independent School District in Larue, Texas, there are three flags: An American flag, the Texas state flag, and a Christian flag (below, left).

One those those things doesn’t belong, and the Freedom From Religion Foundation explained why in a letter sent last week to LaPoynor ISD Superintendent James Young:


The District’s practice of displaying the Christian flag on school grounds and promoting religious events online has an exclusionary effect, turning non-Christian and non-believing students into outsiders

As the letter suggests, the flag isn’t the only problem. The District has also promoted events like See You At the Pole and a Baccalaureate ceremony on its official Facebook page. Both Christian events must avoid school sponsorship or promotion to remain legal.

While it’s possible someone else posted the events to the District’s page without an understanding of the law, it’s hard to justify the Christian flag outside a high school. There’s just no reason for that one other than to promote Christianity.

A local Facebook group for District supporters recently linked to FFRF’s letter, leading to all sorts of ignorance in the comments section.


They may be ignorant, but the administrators are paid not to be. This is illegal. It’s time for the District to obey the law unless it wants to face a lawsuit.

One more thing about this: Jeff Weinstein, a Republican running for County Judge, said on Facebook yesterday that he was looking for help to “fight” FFRF over this matter:


It’s bad enough that a politician thinks FFRF will back down under pressure. (They won’t.) But it’s even scarier that a potential judge doesn’t understand the very law he wants to uphold.

(Thanks to Brian for the link)

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