The Creation Museum’s New Commercial Must Be a Joke October 15, 2017

The Creation Museum’s New Commercial Must Be a Joke

Creationist Ken Ham has released the latest commercial for the Creation Museum and it doesn’t make a damn bit of sense.

GIRL 1: I wonder why crickets sing.

GIRL 2: I wonder how insect wings work.

GIRL 1: I wonder what makes fireflies glow.

GIRL 2: Wanna find out?

[Music and Creation Museum montage]

GIRL 1: I wonder what boy ladybugs are called.

Those are excellent questions from curious children. But if those kids want answers, they should go to a real museum, not a building where “God did it” is the answer to everything.

The commercial is an attempt to show how the Creation Museum provides answers to kids’ questions. But if there’s one thing the museum does well, it’s destroying curiosity by providing (false) answers to everything. The company running it — Answers in Genesis — makes that clear right in its name! They believe the Bible has all the answers even when those answers are routinely contradicted by the mountains of evidence available to us.

These girls need a good science book. (Multiple good science books, since one book never has all the answers.)

The Creation Museum is the last place I’d want to take them if they had genuine questions about how nature worked.

(Portions of this article were published earlier)

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