Man Who Killed Three Women Says He Did “Nothing Wrong in God’s Eyes” October 10, 2017

Man Who Killed Three Women Says He Did “Nothing Wrong in God’s Eyes”

A Canadian man who admitted to killing three women told police he felt that god was on his side because the victims “were not innocent.”


In an interview with Ontario Provincial Police Det. Sgt. Caley O’Neill, accused murderer Basil Borutski admitted to killing the three women in three separate locations. One of the victims was 66-year-old Carol Cullleton, whom he strangled with a television cable.

Borutski went on to explain that there is a difference between “killing” and “murder” and that only one of them is against God’s laws.

He tells O’Neill that the night before the killings, he spoke to an older woman at his building about the Bible and about the difference between killing and murder.

“Murdering is killing something innocent,” he says in the interview. If the Bible said thou shalt not kill, people wouldn’t be allowed to kill animals for food or for sport, he says.

This is an argument I’ve heard from Christians to justify war and other forms of violence, despite the fact that the Ten Commandments explicitly forbid “murder.” These killings are justified, he says, because these people deserved it. But what makes him the judge? In Christianity, this would seem a little bit like playing God.

His argument regarding the technical differences between murder and killing is interesting, especially since it basically justifies any violence any one person deems appropriate, but the most notable part of the interview was his conclusion: he said he did “nothing wrong in God’s eyes.”

Later, he talks about what happened on Sept. 22, 2015, saying he felt like God was on his side and telling him where to go, like he was in danger, like he could see everything happening as if he were watching through a camera or walking beside himself, and that the man he was watching was like a zombie.

“I killed them because they were not innocent. They were guilty. I was innocent. I had done nothing wrong in God’s eyes,” he tells O’Neill.

I have a newsflash for him, though: Your God doesn’t run the justice system. You did something wrong in the eyes of the law. Unlike gods, prison is real, and if this recorded interview is any indication, you’ll likely spend the rest of your life there. And that’s the only life we have.

This is a criminal who, under the mistaken impression that God endorsed his actions, killed multiple people. Haven’t we heard this story enough by now?

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