NC Sergeant Promotes Gospel Music Event on Department’s Facebook Page October 6, 2017

NC Sergeant Promotes Gospel Music Event on Department’s Facebook Page

Apparently, the Union County Sheriff’s Office in Monroe, North Carolina has so little to do that Sergeant Chad Coppedge promoted “A Day of Gospel Music” while wearing his uniform in a video that was later posted to the Department’s Facebook page.


Why is a government office promoting Christian music even if the proceeds are going to a good cause? That’s what the Freedom From Religion Foundation would like to know. Attorney Patrick Elliott explained the concern in a letter sent yesterday to Sheriff Eddie Cathey:

Government officials can worship, pray, and participate in religious events in their personal capacities. But they are not permitted to provide credibility or prestige to their religion by lending a government office and government title to religious events.

To avoid further Establishment Clause concerns, the Union County Sheriff’s Office must refrain from promoting religious events in the future. We request that you remove the video from the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. We also request that the Sheriff’s Office stop selling tickets and organizing religious events…

This isn’t complicated. They work for a law enforcement agency, not a church. How is it possible that the people tasked with enforcing the law never even bothered reading the Bill of Rights?

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