Calgary School Board Candidate Blames Gay People for Terrorism in Bizarre Rant October 6, 2017

Calgary School Board Candidate Blames Gay People for Terrorism in Bizarre Rant

Here’s a thought: If you’re running for the school board, don’t post a message on Facebook that blames gay people for a terrorist attack involving a Somali refugee.

Karen Draper (who goes by “Karyn” on Facebook, probably because spelling isn’t her strong suit) is running to become a public school board trustee in a part of Calgary, a city not far from where Abdulahi Hasan Sharif recently drove his vehicle into a crowd of people then got out and stabbed a police officer. (No one died, though at least five were injured.)

Responding to the terrorist attack, Draper took her wrath out on… LGBTQ people.



I know… I feel the same way. How could someone who writes like that want to be on a school board?! I’m offended too.

Her argument is that gay people are typically liberal. Liberals support immigration. The terrorist was a Somali refugee. Therefore, gay people deserve blame for what happened. And if you don’t understand that logic, you must be 2 dum 2 c da trooth.

It didn’t get better when she tried to explain herself the next day:

I actually had a validated reason for writing what I did because almost every lgbt member I’ve met has been counter protesting our events against m103, the open borders, and against Islamic terrorism. Calling me a rascist. They have been violent here in Calgary…

Also just to clear up
I spelt dum like that on purpose
I don’t do crack or meth and even though I dressed up as a bag of weed 10 years ago. A drug test would prove I am not high.
I really don’t care how any of you get your rocks off
I am against sogi123 and gsa in my son’s classroom

(“On purpose.” Sure.)

SOGI 123 is a resource that promotes LGBT inclusivity in classrooms. GSA is the Gay Straight Alliance club. And all of that is bananas for anyone to say, much less someone running for elected office.

In one more post Wednesday night, Draper added, “Regardless of all the commenters, I really am not homophobic, racist, or a nazi.” And if you have to say that out loud, your campaign is probably not going well.

I would be laughing a lot more if I knew she had no chance in hell of winning, but I come from the U.S. where people like her are now in charge of everything. So put me in the pessimistic camp.

At least the media is treating her like a fringe candidate. They’re quoting people who can’t believe someone this irrational and bigoted would think she has any business educating other people.

If she’s interested in education, she should start with herself.

(Thanks to Duncan for the link)

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