“God Was Looking Over Us,” Says Woman Nearly Killed By Bus October 3, 2017

“God Was Looking Over Us,” Says Woman Nearly Killed By Bus

I could understand if a Christian said he “found God” because he examined the Bible and decided it made perfect sense. Or if he won the lottery. Or if he overcame some struggle.

But it’s downright weird when someone praises God after her father is diagnosed with a Stage 4 brain tumor and she’s T-boned by a bus that runs a red light.


Just after Beth Nurenberg got the bad news about her father, she and her son were driving back from the hospital when a bus drove through a red light and crashed right into them.

She braked as the double wheel at the back of the bus careened over the hood of their car only inches from where they sat. The car spun 360 degrees, the airbags went off and smoke from the airbags filled the car.

After the collision, the bus continued south and went off the road, crashing into the building.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

The takeaway message for Nurenberg?

She’s still finding the sequence of events hard to digest, but Nurenberg, a devout Catholic, has a message: “God was looking over us that day.”

A split second difference in traveling time and the bus may have crushed the windshield or top of the car with them underneath.

“We both would have been killed,” she said.

Here’s an alternative thought: Maybe a God who nearly kills you — moments after you find out your father is on the verge of dying — isn’t sending a message of love. (Didn’t we just learn that after the shooting in Las Vegas?)

I’m glad she’s okay. I’m happy she finds comfort in something, even if it’s religion. But praising her heavenly abuser sends an awful message: That a God who essentially tortures you and your family deserves to be worshiped and celebrated.

(Thanks to Justin for the link)

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