A Christian Created a Mass Panic on a London Train by Preaching About Death October 2, 2017

A Christian Created a Mass Panic on a London Train by Preaching About Death

Given the terrorist attack in Manchester, England a few months ago (not to mention the mass shooting in Las Vegas last night), you can understand why people on the train in London would freak out when a man begins talking about how everyone’s going to die.

Earlier this morning outside Wimbledon station, there was a panic as passengers tried getting out of their trains during rush hour, trying to escape what they feared was another attack.

But it wasn’t a terrorist.

It was a Christian preacher shouting things like, “death is not the end.”


Ian, who was on the train, said the man’s Bible-reading led to a “commotion” and a “crush”.

He said someone then asked the man to stop speaking “as he was scaring people” and “the guy stopped and stood there with his head down”.

The panic delayed trains, in some cases, for more than an hour.

There’s no penalty for proselytizing, but it has to be a black mark on Christianity when a man promoting the Bible bears even a resemblance to radical Islamic terrorists who might actually take action to hasten everyone’s death. This preacher was annoying at worst but his rhetoric had everyone jumping to the worst case scenario.

So much for spreading the “good news.”

It’s never a good sign when you wish the Christian had just stuck to yelling slurs at “sinners” and condemning them to Hell instead of doing something even creepier.

(Image via Shutterstock. Thanks to Brian and Robert for the link)

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