Fake “Wellness Guru” Belle Gibson Handed $410,000 Fine for Lies About Donations September 28, 2017

Fake “Wellness Guru” Belle Gibson Handed $410,000 Fine for Lies About Donations

A couple of years ago, Australian Belle Gibson was skyrocketing to fame due to her story that she successfully defeated cancer through a vegan diet, yoga, and “detoxing.”

Apple later promoted her Whole Pantry app for their new Watch, while a major publisher put out a book of the same name.


She was on top of the world… until journalists began digging.

They found out that Gibson didn’t just lie about how she defeated cancer. She lied about having it.

While Gibson tried to go down the path of media rehabilitation, hoping to keep her fame afloat, critics rightfully pointed out that the bullshit she spewed did actual harm to actual cancer patients. How many people avoided chemotherapy because they thought a detox would do the trick?

Gibson later said she would donate the money she made off of her lie to worthy causes.

Guess what? That didn’t happen either.

Last year, Consumer Affairs Victoria filed a lawsuit against Gibson for not living up to that promise. She lost the case earlier this year, and the Federal Court in Melbourne has now handed her a $410,000 fine.

Ms Gibson has been fined for five separate contraventions of the Australian Consumer Law Act.

The fine includes:

  • $90,000 for failing to donate proceeds from the sale of The Whole Pantry app, as publicly advertised
  • $50,000 for failing to donate proceeds from the launch of The Whole Pantry app
  • $30,000 for failing to donate proceeds from a 2014 Mothers Day event
  • $90,000 for failing to donate other company profits
  • $150,000 for failing to donate 100 per cent of one week’s app sales to the family of Joshua Schwarz, a boy who had an inoperable brain tumour

Justice [Debbie] Mortimer described the failure to donate to the Schwarz family as the “most serious” contravention of the law.

“Ms Gibson expressly compared the terrible circumstances of young Joshua to her own, asserting she had the same kind of tumour as he did; a statement which was completely false, ” Justice Mortimer said.

What. A. Monster.

She lied about overcoming a disease, lied about having the disease, promised to give money she made from her lie to a little boy who actually had the disease, and then reneged on that too!

On top of all that, the huckster didn’t even have the courage to show her face in court, opting instead to send an email to the judge acknowledging her awareness that a punishment was on the way.

If there’s any good news coming from all this, it’s that Gibson, the pathological liar, will finally pay a penalty for her actions. It’s about damn time. Maybe that will scare away anyone who thought about following in her lying footsteps.

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