Creationist Kirk Cameron Is Going to Heal Our Divided Nation… With a Movie September 26, 2017

Creationist Kirk Cameron Is Going to Heal Our Divided Nation… With a Movie

We’re a nation divided. We can’t even talk about football anymore without starting a partisan debate. But thankfully, there’s one man who can unite us all.

And he just ate a banana.


Kirk Cameron is calling another “National Family Meeting.”

“I held the first ‘National Family Meeting’ right before the election to talk about how to revive the heartbeat of the nation,” the former “Growing Pains” star told The Gospel Herald in an exclusive interview. “Today, we’re divided over race, politics, religion, over gender, over choice — it seems worse than before the election. How in the world are we going to move forward in a healthy way? It’s time for another meeting.”

This plan involves a two-night event in movies theaters across the country featuring several of his evangelical buddies.

You know, conservative Christians got us into this mess. I don’t trust them to get us out of it. I especially don’t trust people who got together right before the election to do the exact same thing when that clearly failed. Whatever they were doing, it pissed God off something fierce. Why would He be on their side now?

I’m also not sure how Cameron plans to unite people when his personal goals involve blocking women from ever obtaining an abortion and convincing transgender people it’s all in their minds. What compromise does he want to reach? On which issues will he budge?

Without that information, there’s no reconciliation to be had. Not with the bigots Cameron typically sides with, anyway.

But he does have an out. If he denounces Trumpism, criticizes white supremacists, says that LGBTQ people deserve equal rights under the law, and urges Christian politicians not to support any bill that would repeal the Johnson Amendment, maybe I’ll take him more seriously.

The banana’s in his court.


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