Street Preacher Tells Man Wearing Shorts That He’s an “Evil, Vile, Sinner” September 23, 2017

Street Preacher Tells Man Wearing Shorts That He’s an “Evil, Vile, Sinner”

How bad are street preachers in Canada? Matt Carapella and Steven Ravbar are so unliked, they were kicked out of multiple churches for harassing the worshipers about the devoutness of their beliefs and the clothes worn by women.

The CBC caught up with one Christian who had to deal with this firsthand:


[Marshal] Burnham, who’s a Christian, said Carapella called him an “evil, vile, sinner” because he wore shorts, which Carapella regarded as women’s underwear.

“It’s almost laughable,” he said.

He began a discussion with both men who asked if his wife wore jeans. When Burnham said she did, Carapella told him she was a “whore” and a “prostitute.”

“It’s mind-numbing to hear this stuff,” said Burnham.

Yep. It’s annoying to hear someone tell you things you know are absurd, then say it’s entirely justified because their religion commands them to proselytize.

And it’s hardly any better even when they’re not shaming women. Maybe the Christians annoyed by these two men can take a hint. No one else wants to hear about your mythology unsolicited either.

(Thanks to Blair for the link)

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