Texas Parents Locked Their Kid Out of the House Because He Was “Possessed” September 22, 2017

Texas Parents Locked Their Kid Out of the House Because He Was “Possessed”

Ronald Keith Wright and Rendy Wright are now out on bond after an August arrest for kicking their child out of the house.

Why on earth would parents kick out a seven-year-old? Because a preacher allegedly told them he was possessed by demons.


The couple told the child that he was to leave his home and never return, according to the arrest affidavit.

Authorities say the parents then let the child leave with no regard for his safety or whereabouts.

A Bowie County, Texas deputy also said that the couple, in a discussion with a preacher, were told that the boy is possessed by demons.

This all stems from the idea that the boy wouldn’t “do what he was told,” but good luck finding children who listen to everything their parents say. That’s not a sign of Satan. That’s a sign that they’re children.

The parents were also apparently meth users, though plenty of people take the advice of their religious leaders while sober.

The child is currently staying with a relative who hopefully knows better than to listen to a preacher’s advice on the devil.

(via Christian Nightmares)

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